Acres of parkland, Water Quality Protection Lands, and Balcones Canyonlands Preserve Lands: As Austin continues to rapidly develop, it is imperative to maintain various types of open space for recreation, to protect water quality, and to preserve wildlife habitats.

Percent of watersheds receiving a "Good" or better score: the 2016 State of the Environment Report reports on the long-term health of Austin creeks in 49 watersheds using the Environmental Integrity Index. The long-term goal is to have all creeks in Austin with a "Good" or better score, and the City has made significant progress over the past five years towards that goal.

Linear feet of creek erosion solutions: As we see the impacts to our community from major weather events like storms and floods, the City is working to ensure that we can limit the damage wherever possible. This indicator shows progress made in providing erosion protection and improving the quality of storm water runoff into creeks and streams. 2014 was unique because several large capital improvement projects were completed during that year and 2016 saw the completion of the erosion protection piece of the Shoal Creek-Pease Park Stream Restoration project; the achievements for all years are dependent on available funding.

For questions about these sustainability measures and indicators, please contact Lewis Leff, City of Austin Office of Sustainability: Click here to return to the sustainability dashboard home page.