Avoided megawatts (MW) of peak demand via energy efficiency programs: Austin Energy provides programs and rebates to make it easier to add energy-efficiency upgrades to homes or businesses. These programs help Austin residents and businesses lower energy use and lower energy bills, as well as reduce peak energy demand.

Megawatts (MW) of solar added per year through Austin Energy residential and commercial incentive programs: Since 2004, Austin Energy has been providing rebates to encourage adoption of solar panels by its residential and commercial customers. Costs of solar panels have declined significantly over the past decade and the per-watt incentive amounts have declined accordingly, and distributed solar adoption continues to grow throughout Austin.


The staff at Austin Energy strive to bring energy savings, cost-effective efficiency, and solar programs to all Austin residents and businesses. You can find more about Austin Energy goals and programs in the Customer Energy Solutions Program Reports.

For questions about these sustainability measures and indicators, please contact Lewis Leff, City of Austin Office of Sustainability: