While it is important to see community-wide indicators around poverty and median household income, there are important differences among Austinites based on race and ethnicity related to these indicators.  The data below shows how specific demographic groups have seen changes over the past five years.


Number of people accessing permanent supportive housing (PSH) units: This data is provided by ECHO, a local nonprofit working to end chronic homelessness, and it reflects the number of people in PSH units on one night in late January each year. This includes single adults and families with and without children.

% of residents within 1/2 mile of a park: Green spaces provide residents a connection to nature, which offers health benefits and opportunities for an active lifestyle. The City has an adopted policy to locate parks within 1/2 mile from where any resident lives.


Check out the "2016 City Park Facts" report to see how Austin compares to other cities throughout the nation.


Take a look at the "2016 Annual Report" by Echo to find out more about the state of homelessness in Austin.

For questions about these sustainability measures and indicators, please contact Lewis Leff, City of Austin Office of Sustainability: Lewis.Leff@austintexas.gov. To return to the dashboard homepage, click here.