There are important metrics beyond the total tons of materials diverted from the landfill that tell the story of how we're doing as a City. The indicator below is relatively new and demonstrates how many properties covered by the Universal Recycling Ordinance are offering recycling services. The last indicator shows the tons of electronic waste being diverted from the landfill through the Austin Resource Recovery Recycle and Reuse Drop-Off Center.


In December 2011, the City Council adopted the Austin Resource Recovery Master Plan that detailed the major strategies and actions required to reach the goal of zero waste by 2040 in Austin.
"The Austin Resource Recovery Master Plan (Master Plan) projects future activities and services provided by Austin Resource Recovery for the next 30 years. The Master Plan looks at the Department in its entirety, laying a framework for how the Department provides services to its customers and empowers the Austin community to achieve Zero Waste."

For questions about these sustainability measures and indicators, please contact Lewis Leff, City of Austin Office of Sustainability: